Adult Education

Garden Farming & Preserving Series

Vegetable Garden Workshop- Saturday April 22nd, 2-4 pm

Celebrate earth day by learning to garden! Explore the essentials of vegetable gardening through practical demonstrations, visuals and lecture. This course will cover soil perpetration, seed selection, pest management and post-harvest techniques. Learn from a Hilltop Hanover Farmer about various sustainable gardening methods including succession and companion planting, as well as other tips and tricks to growing a successful garden. Classroom. Fee $20. Register Here



Learn to Compost- April 23rd, 10-11:30 am

Celebrate earth day by learning to compost! Discover the benefits of “closing the loop” with you own household food scraps in this interactive, hands-on demonstration of a healthy compost system. This course will help you determine which composting method is best for you and cover a variety of topics including site selection, materials, ingredients, management and best practices. Classroom. Fee $15. Register Here



Container Vegetable Gardening- Saturday April 29th, 2-4 pm

Grow great vegetables using tiny spaces such as your deck, patio, or a small backyard. Learn how to grow maximize space and be introduced to soil, seed selection, choosing the right transplant, pest management, and more. Go home with 3 seedlings especially suited for containers. Classroom. Fee $30. Register Here




Backyard Berries- Saturday May 6th, 2-4 pm

Learn how to grow healthy berry plants in your backyards. Topics include varieties, site selection, soul preparation, planting, propagation, maintenance and harvesting. Delicious, bountiful berry plants are easy to grow with the right knowledge and skills. Classroom. Fee $20. Register Here




Pickling Workshop- Saturday July 15th, 10-12 pm

Your bumper crop of cucumber and beets has come in!  Learn to preserve and extend the taste of summer by safely preserving fresh vegetables. Go home with a new skill and tasty treat!  Classroom. Fee $30. Register Here






Jams & Jellies- Saturday July 22nd, 10-12 pm

Take your favorite fruits and turn them into a delicious spread that can last the season. Learn the art of making good jams and jellies as well as the facts regarding preserving food and food safety. Go home with a new skill and tasty treat! Classroom. Fee $35. Register Here

Kombucha Brewing - Saturday, September 17th 10am-12pm

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