Nutrition Classes

Cancer Fighting Kitchen- Sunday May 21st 11- 1 pm

Learn which foods help our bodies fight illness and why they are important in restoring and preparing the body for treatment. The class entails a lecture and a cooking/tasting demonstration and participants will learn to prepare foods for specific side affects common in cancer treatments. Workshop attendees will also learn how to build and balance flavor that please the palate. Fee: $20. Register Here


Soil to Stomach- Sunday, June 25th 1-3 pm

Are you interested in learning how soil health translates into human health? This workshop explores basic nutrition concepts, how sustainable gardening grows nutritionally dense vegetables and a comparison of conventional vs. organically grown produce. Participants leave the workshop knowing how to check sugar and mineral content using a Brix test and the need to knows of vegetable preparation to reduce vitamin and mineral loss during cooking. Fee $15. Register Here

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