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Here's a sample of some other varieties we offer.


‘Sunrise Bumblebee’

Beautiful yellow cherry tomatoes with pink marbling and a tangy flavor.


‘Jimmy Nardello’s’

This classic Italian pepper traditionally used for frying is long, thin-skinned, and very productive.



These miniature peppers are sweet and delicious for snacking, in salads, and sauteed. They’re also a great source of Vitamin C.


‘Fairy Tale’

These adorable mini purple-and-white eggplants are a chef favorite for their wonderful flavor.


‘Little Fingers’

These heavy producers have few seeds and you don’t even need to peel them before tossing them on the grill.


‘Ping Tung’

These slender Asian eggplants are prolific producers and perfect in stir fries.


‘Mexican Sour’ Gherkin

These tiny, cucumber-like fruits are delicious in salads, great for pickling, and look wonderful growing from a hanging basket.


‘Shintokiwa’ Cucumber

These long, thin Japanese cucumbers are high producers that are sweet and also great for making pickles.


‘Silver Slicer’ Cucumber

Bred at Cornell University, these cucumbers are known for their white skin. They typically grow to six to nine inches and are popular for their juiciness and crunch.


‘King Apricot’ China Aster

These beautiful apricot-colored blooms are prolific producers that are perfect in bouquets.  


‘Alaska’ Marigold

This pretty, pale yellow marigold has wavy petals and produces from summer to frost.


‘Senate House’ Marigold

Named for the historic Senate house in Kingston, New York, this pale-yellow flower was bred in the 1950s. The marigolds are easy to grow and can reach three feet tall.  


‘Cramer’s Rose’ Celosia

Also known as cockscomb, these dramatic fan-shaped blooms vary in color between rose and magenta.


‘Cramer’s Lime’ Celosia

These lime-green, crested flowers bloom on well-branched plants and are beautiful in arrangements.


‘Drumstick’ Craspedia

These striking yellow globes tolerate heat well and make perfect accents in flower arrangements.


‘Blue Glitter’ Eryngium

More commonly known as sea holly, these prickly perennials grow in all types of soils. Their cobalt flowers were bred for cut flower arrangements.


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