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Welcome to our Farm Share CSA program!

The Hilltop Hanover Farm CSA is a much-loved community program that has been providing fresh, locally-grown produce to community members for years. In 2019, we switched to a market-style CSA to offer members greater choice and flexibility. This simple farm share program gives CSA members an unrestricted credit to use in our farm stand! Purchase a small share for $400 or a large share for $700 and support local agriculture while getting exactly the produce you want. All produce is grown onsite at Hilltop by our dedicated farmers.

You choose when to shop.

Come any time the farm stand is open. Shop once a week, every other week, or only when the tomatoes are ripe. It’s up to you which day you come and how frequently you want to want to shop. And unlike the traditional CSA pick-up, there’s absolutely no worrying about what to do with your share when you go away for vacation.

You choose your produce.

Hate turnips? Love spinach? Which types of produce and how much you take is entirely up to you. You can spend as much or as little of your credit as you want each time you visit our farm stand.

You choose your extras.

When you purchase a farm share, your credit is not limited just to produce. Use your farm share to purchase anything we carry in our farm stand: fruit, eggs, meat, honey, baked goods, plants, flowers, and all other value-added products.

And then you get more.

We really want you to love being a HHF farm share member! So when you purchase a share, you also get:

  • 20% discount on U-Pick flowers all season long
  • Access to farm share members-only discounts in the farm stand
  • If you use your entire credit before the end of the season, you can replenish your credit in any increment of $50.
  • Satisfaction knowing that your membership truly helps keep farming sustainable.


In 2021, we will continue to offer online ordering to our CSA members.

2021 Farm Stand Hours:

Fridays 1pm - 6pm 

Saturdays 10am - 4pm

We are open for the season. Subscribe to our newsletter to get weekly announcements about programs and weekly produce lists from the farm stand.

Small shares: $400

Large shares: $700



How does my share support the farm?

Community Supported Agriculture is a mutually beneficial commitment between the farmer and the consumer. Members of the CSA ensure a base and stable income for the farm throughout the growing season. In return, the farm provides CSA members with a steady supply of locally grown produce and regionally-sourced farm products. Here's what one consumer has to say:

"Our CSA share from Hilltop Hanover Farm is the highlight of our summer each year. We love being able to choose from the beautiful selection and wide variety of seasonal produce. It’s a win-win—we get to enjoy the freshest local produce available while supporting the farm we love!"
- Chris Marmora Palmer, Hilltop Hanover CSA member

Is there a risk?

The spirit of Community Supported Agriculture is that members and farmers work together to contribute to a resilient and healthy local food system. Members provide financial support to the farm upfront, before the start of the growing season, by purchasing shares. The farm then works hard to provide a plentiful, consistent, and varied supply of farm fresh produce. However, all of the produce offered in our farm stand is grown onsite at Hilltop Hanover Farm, so members need to understand that inclement weather, pest outbreaks, or other circumstances can affect the quality, quantity, or variety of produce available in any given year. We do our best to develop production plans that are diversified and successional, thus mitigating some of the risk, but in purchasing a farm share you are recognizing the challenges faced each season by farmers and committing to sharing the risk with us. And for this, we thank you!

When can I use my share?

Your farm stand credit can be used any time that our farm stand is open, late April through Thanksgiving week. Please be aware that the typical CSA "season" in the Hudson Valley begins in early June, when large yields can reliably be predicted. Produce availability in April and May is limited to cool-season crops (think salad mix, radishes, spinach, kale, carrots) and quantities are sometimes limited. But we want you to start eating local produce, even in small quantities, as soon as possible, so we offer this earlier start to our CSA members.

What produce is available?

Check out our harvest calendar to learn what we grow and when crops are expected to be available.

Does the credit carry over from year to year?

No, this is an annual CSA membership. You can check your balance as you go, and we begin sending email reminders when there are about 10 weeks left in the season. Any unused CSA credits will convert to a donation to the farm at the end of the season.