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About CSA Cards

Thank you for supporting the Hilltop Hanover Farm CSA!

Your CSA card is connected to your CSA account. Please keep a copy of the 16-digit code in a safe place. Throughout the season, as you make purchases in the farm stand, the purchase total will be deducted from your farm stand credit.


Using Your Card

Online store orders: At checkout, you can use your CSA card on the payment sceen. Scroll down past all of the credit card fields, and check 'Use Gift Card'. Enter you 16-digit CSA card code and complete the purchase. Your updated balance will be displayed with your order notification.


Farm stand purchases: Once linked to your account, we can keep your CSA card number on file. At the register, we will just need you phone number or email to charge to your CSA card. We can provide your balance after each sale.


You can check your balance online at any time, using your 16-digit code.


What if I lose my 16-digit card number?

You need this number to purchase items through our online catalog and to check your balance. Please contact if you lose your card.