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What is a CSA? and other FAQs!

What is CSA?

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

"Community-supported agriculture is a system that connects the producer and consumers within the food system more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of a certain farm... It is an alternative socioeconomic model of agriculture and food distribution that allows the producer and consumer to share the risks of farming."


How does my share support the farm?

A Hilltop Hanover Farm CSA share is a mutually beneficial investment in the 2022 Growing Season.  Members of the CSA literally become investors, providing financial support for the farm before the growing even begins. In return, the farm provides CSA members with a steady supply of locally grown produce and regionally-sourced farm products. Here's what one consumer has to say:

"Our CSA share from Hilltop Hanover Farm is the highlight of our summer each year. We love being able to choose from the beautiful selection and wide variety of seasonal produce. It’s a win-win—we get to enjoy the freshest local produce available while supporting the farm we love!"
- Chris Marmora Palmer, Hilltop Hanover CSA member

Is there a risk?

The spirit of Community Supported Agriculture is that members and farmers work together to contribute to a resilient and healthy local food system. Members provide financial support to the farm upfront, before the start of the growing season, by purchasing shares. The farm then works hard to provide a plentiful, consistent, and varied supply of farm fresh produce. However, all of the produce offered in our farm stand is grown onsite at Hilltop Hanover Farm, so members need to understand that inclement weather, pest outbreaks, or other circumstances can affect the quality, quantity, or variety of produce available in any given year. We do our best to develop production plans that are diversified and successional, thus mitigating some of the risk, but in purchasing a farm share you are recognizing the challenges faced each season by farmers and committing to sharing the risk with us. And for this, we thank you!

What produce is available?

Check out our harvest calendar to learn what we grow and when crops are expected to be available.

When can I use my share?

Your Share is a credit that can be used in our Online Farm Store and in our onsite Farm Stand.  Your credit can be used on anything sold online or in the Farm Stand anytime they are open.  In 2022 this will be from late April through mid-November. Please be aware that the typical "season" in the Hudson Valley begins in early June, when large yields can reliably be predicted. Produce availability in April and May is limited to cool-season crops (think salad mix, radishes, spinach, kale, carrots) and quantities are sometimes limited. But we want you to start eating local produce, even in small quantities, as soon as possible, so we open as soon as possible!

Can I use my CSA Membership to purchase tickets to events or classes?

No, Classes and Events are not sold through the farm stand, therefore cannot be purchased using your CSA credit. 

Can I use my CSA Membership to purchase plants in the Spring Pre-Sale?

The Plant Pre-Sale runs from February – March, before the Farm Stand or online store opens, before your CSA Membership is active and therefore cannot be used for the Pre-Sale.  Once the Farm Stand opens, CSA Memberships can be used to buy plants. 

Does the credit carry over from year to year?

No, a CSA share is an investment in a specific season only. You can check your balance as you go, and we send reminders before the harvests taper off. Once the Farm Store closes, any unused CSA credits convert to a donation.

For information about using your card or managing your membership, click here