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Become a Native Plant Gardener!

Join us at Hilltop Hanover Farm as we start our first Native Plant Nursery. We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join us in protecting our local flora--from seed to sale. In the only hands-on program of this kind in the area, you’ll learn how to conserve and grow the beautiful native plants that are an essential element of our local habitats.

Here’s what you can expect from the free program:

  • Learn from top-notch horticulturists and botanists in a series of workshop
  • Get your hands dirty and apply what you’ve learned, through volunteer sessions after the workshops
  • Care for native plant seedlings during the growing season and discover how native plants are used for habitat restoration and as a basis for local pollinator pathways.

Interested? You'll learn from these experts at workshops held throughout the summer and fall on all aspects of native plants and seeds:

  • Seed Plot Planting Day with Geordie Elkins, Highstead Arboretum
  • Local Seed Banking with Shanyn Siegel, Hilltop Hanover Farm
  • Wild Seed Collecting with Molly Marquand, Mid-Atlantic Regional Seed Bank
  • Seed Cleaning with Ken Greene, Hudson Valley Seed Company

We'll announce the official dates soon, but the plan is for one workshop per month. You can also pitch in on work days that will be planned for June, July, and August. So come join us! By fall, we'll have a catalog full of native plants for sale.

Funding for the Native Plant Nursery was generously provided by the Bedford Garden Club.


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