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Native Plant Catalog

NEW for 2021! Native plant JUMBO plugs. Each plug is in an individual 3" pot. Sold as full flats only (32 plants)—but you can mix and match species to fill a flat!

One Species: $100

Diversity Mix: $120 (Order in multiples of 4, up to 8 species per flat!)

Our online store will accept preorders from February 1st - March 19th

Species Available for Preorder

Scroll further down the page to see other species available later in the year.

Seasonal Availability


We also have native plants available for purchase at our weekly farm stand beginning in May and continuing through September. Our seasonal stock is available as:

  • 3" pots ($4-5 ea)
  • quarts ($6.50-8 ea)
  • gallons ($10-12 ea)

Availability includes list above, plus species below. Species list and availability is subject to change weekly.

Species Descriptions and Images

Updated information coming soon!