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Plants and Seedlings

Preorder Garden Transplants and Native Plants!

Reserve Plants and Seedlings Now for May Pickup!

Farm-grown and garden ready! Preorder vegetables, herbs, flowers, and native plants for your best garden ever. Orders accepted online from Feb 1st- March 19th


Hilltop Hanover Farm Veggie and Flower Transplants

All of our seedlings and transplants are grown in a compost-based organic potting mix. We use 4-packs with extra deep cells to give small seedlings a bigger, more robust root system and our 3" pots are just the right size for planting into the garden. As with Hilltop Hanover produce, we are not certified, but we grow using organic practices only.

Vegetables and Flowers

  • 3” pots: $3.50 each
  • 4-packs: $6.00 each

**HHF vegetable and flower seedlings will also be sold at our farm stand beginning in May. Variety list and weekly availability subject to change in May.


Hilltop Hanover Farm Native Plant Nursery

Our native plant nursery specializes in seed propagated local ecotypes, also grown in a compost-based organic potting mix using only organic production practices. Learn more about ecotypes and their conservation value.

NEW for 2021! Native plant JUMBO plugs. Each plug is in an individual 3" pot. Sold as full flats only (32 plants)—but you can mix and match species to fill a flat!

Flat of 32 plants

  • One species: $100
  • Diversity mix: $120 (Order in multiples of 4, up to 8 species per flat!)

View Our Native Plant Species List


**Native plants in 3" pots ($4-5 ea), quarts ($6.5-8 ea), and gallons ($10-12 ea) will be sold individually at our farm stand beginning in May. Species list and weekly availability subject to change in May.


Regionally Grown, Certified Organic Herbs and Flowers

We also carry certified organic herbs and flowers from our friends at Peace Tree Organics. High quality, full plants in deep quart pots. Herbs can be outplanted in the garden or grown in containers.

  • Organic herbs QT pot: $5.00
  • Organic annuals and perennials QT pot: $6.50
  • Organic lavender (a Peace Tree specialty!) QT pot: $7.50


How it Works:

  1. Place orders through our online store. Preorders accepted February 1st to March 19th only.
  2. Payment is required when orders are placed. If we encounter any production problems or crop failures, we will notify you immediately and offer you a substitution or refund your money for any varieties that will not be ready on your selected pick-up date. (But we don't expect this to happen!)
  3. All ‘early-season’ plants can be picked up on April 23, 24, 30 or May 1 during regular business hours. All ‘warm-season’ plants can be picked up on May 7, 8, 14 or 15 during regular business hours. Item descriptions will indicate default pickup dates or allow you to select your preferred pickup weeks.
  4. If your order contains both cool-season and warm-season plants, it will automatically be split for two separate pickups. Please refer to you order confirmation for pickup dates for the specific plants on your order.
  5. You do not need to schedule a specific date with us for pickup. We will have your order ready for the dates printed with each item on your order confirmation. When you arrive at the farm, give your name and our farm stand staff will pull your order for you.
  6. We will hold plants for up to two weeks past the selected pick-up date, but please understand that plant quality will deteriorate the longer finished plants sit on the bench. Refunds will not be issued for plants that are not picked up.