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What We Sell

U-Pick Veggies, Herbs, and Flowers!

Can you pick your own? 


When our crops are growing in abundance, we open sections of our fields for U-Pick during Farm Stand hours. 

We are dedicated to educating a new crop of farmers & environmentalist and feeding our community high-quality, organically grown produce.  

We are not a commercial Pick Your Own farm, but we encourage you to get the full agricultural experience! 


$1 per stem:  Cosmos, celosia, giant marigolds, zinnias, strawflowers, verbenas, snapdragons, sweet peas, china asters, dahlias
$2 per stem:  Sunflowers 

Please stop by the Farm Stand on your way down to the field to get picking tools and instructions. 

Take your visit to the next level, meet our farmers, and get your hands dirty with us.  Stop by the Farm Stand to get picking tools and instructions.  Then you'll head down the road and follow the signs to the field! 

Love being out in the fields?  Consider volunteering here or signing up for our classes here