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Outdoor Education Intern

The Education program at Hilltop Hanover Farm encompasses education of all types: schools, public, youth/scouts, and more.  We teach so that others may come to value local, organic and sustainable practices (in agriculture and beyond) as much as we do!  To that end, educational delivery is hands-on, information-saturated, and creates a sense of wonder and awe in every student of every age.  The Intern will be successful if they, too, value these principles and especially if they seek to change the future generations’ relationship to climate, the planet and the health of both individuals and the community. 

The Outdoor Education intern will…

  • Be excited about working with youths and young adults (even of a similar age!),
  • Value creating a meaningful experience for visitors and prioritize their positive experience,
  • Be interested in, or experienced in, the concepts of non-traditional education models (i.e. tactile, oral, experiential),
  • Be timely and flexible, knowing that programs are sometimes irregular,
  • Be comfortable asking questions and working in a team, and
  • Prefer being outdoors in all weather and be excited to join the Field Crew when not working with Education (remember, there is no bad weather, just poor gear and preparation),

…and can expect to

  • Shadow, co-teach, and eventually deliver programs,
  • Set up and take down program materials,
  • Help create additional curricula,
  • Learn and support back-end outreach marketing and scheduling,
  • Learn about, and be an active part of, the farm community at Hilltop Hanover Farm.

The intern must be available at least four days/20 hours per week, Monday-Friday between 8 and 4 (and sometimes Saturday mornings), for at least 6 consecutive weeks. 

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