Sustainable Beekeeping 101

All Classes taught by Regina Blakeslee

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Class Descriptions

Introduction to Sustainable Beekeeping 

April 6th | 10am –12pm

Bee inspired to learn about the fascinating world of honey bees and beekeeping. This workshop is for anyone with an appreciation of bees and interest in backyard sustainable beekeeping. You will be introduced the basics about honey bee health, terms used in beekeeping, bee biology, a brief history of beekeeping, the members of the colony and their function, different hive types, tools and equipment. Guidance on how to purchase bees and get started with your own hive will be provided.

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Hive and Apiary Set Up

April 27th | 10am – 12pm

Learn about hive placement considerations in urban and suburban areas, how to order, assemble, and maintain tools and equipment. There will be a demonstration of assembling a Langstroth wooden hive and frames. We will visit the apiary at Hilltop Hanover Farm (weather permitting) and learn more about proper hive location and what bees need for full health and survival.

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Planting for Pollinators

May 18th | 10am – 12pm

Bees and other pollinators love to feed on a multiplicity of flowers. Loss of natural habitat and pesticides are having a detrimental effect on honey bees, native bees, butterflies, and other pollinators throughout Westchester County and the surrounding areas. Beekeepers and gardeners can do much to increase the population and health of pollinators by transforming dull lawns into beautiful natural habitats. We will walk the land and visit gardens at Hilltop Hanover Farm to look for early blooming shrubs and trees. Lists of pollinator friendly plants and information on establishing natural habitat on your property will be shared. Invite your neighbors!

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Hive Inspection and Maintenance

June 8th | 12pm – 2pm

It is important to know the steps and purpose of inspecting a hive before opening one. Learn how to gently and carefully work with bees, use tools and a smoker.  We will open a hive and examine a colony (eggs, larvae, capped/worker/drone brood, capped honey and pollen). You will learn techniques and tips on what to look for when “reading the frame,” how to make observations and assessments and record your findings. This is a great class for beginners or anyone who is interested in learning more about bees.

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Honey Harvesting

September 7th |10am – 12pm

Join us for a taste of honey and learn about harvesting honey from the hive. There will be an overview of when, what and how to harvest. This workshop will cover both the ‘crush and strain’ and extraction method (which uses centrifugal force to spin honey out of the combs). We will also discuss how to properly store your honey, different container options and ways to use your honey. Honey harvesting is usually not recommended with first year beehives, but if you are anxious to learn how it works, it’s never too early to start practicing!

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Products of the Hive for Health and Home

November 9th | 10am – 12pm

Come and spend a few hours learning how to transform beautiful natural beeswax into lip balms, salves and hand/body creams using products of the hive, oil herbal infusions and essential botanical oils.  We will learn a method of filtering beeswax and look at where to source ingredients and equipment. Participate in making your own nourishing lip balms and salves/creams to take home with you. During the course of the workshop we will also discuss the health benefits of beeswax, honey and plant materials

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