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The Sunflower Project: Curated Sunflower Collection

Cost $12

Join Hilltop Hanover Farm and Bedford Audubon as we encourage all of Westchester County to grow sunflowers. Not only are they beautiful, but sunflowers are also easy to grow, provide pollen and nectar for native pollinators, and are one of the most nutritious foods for our resident bird populations.

Not a gardener? No problem. Sunflowers will grow in almost any sunny location including backyards, roadsides, and vacant lots. Sign-up to get one of our Sunflower Seed Kits and help us spread sunflower joy everywhere this summer. Each kit includes a sampling of sunflower varieties that showcase the diversity of this spectacular annual flower. Sunflowers prefer to be seeded directly into the ground; each kit also contains information prepared by Hilltop Hanover Farm and Bedford Audubon with sowing instructions, information about sunflowers, and helpful tips for gardening for wildlife. Be a Sunflower Superstar by growing all four varieties:

·         ‘Irish Eyes’ dwarf branching sunflower for containers or small spaces

·         ‘Titan’ giant sunflower for ambitious gardeners or County Fair competitions

·         ‘Peredovik’ black oil sunflowers for growing your own bird seed

·         ‘Taiyo’ all-purpose sunflower good for cut flowers, edible seeds, and supporting pollinators

When you sow sunflowers in May, you can expect to enjoy the flowers in summer and let the birds enjoy the seeds in the fall.

Order online through the Farm Store and pickup at Hilltop Hanover Farm on May 28-29. Pickup during normal farm stand hours on Fridays from 1pm-6pm or Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.