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We educate a new crop of farmers, protect the environment and feed our community.

We educate a new crop of  farmers, protect the environment and feed our community.

Educating future stewards of the Earth

Our success is measured in the number of people we can help with the quality of programs and services we provide.

Join the farm for a hands-on experience that immerses students in nature. Programs strive to inspire through teaching sustainability, crop production, and farming. Agricultural education helps students understand topics ranging from beekeeping to field-to-table and engages students in the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainable farming.

Hilltop Hanover farm offers 8 acres of vegetable, herb and flower production, 3 greenhouses, green roof technology, composting facility, farm stand, 5 beehives, and small livestock operation with chickens, cows and goats, all highlighting best practices in sustainable agriculture. The farm partners with local, regional and state agencies, not-for-profits, food pantries and corporations to provide valuable resources in support of:


  • The farm offers group tours and educational programs that highlight various sustainable practices, and can be tailored to fit specific needs and link seamlessly with NYS & STEAM curriculum.

  • The farm hosts workshops on various sustainability topics throughout the year. Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture: In partnership with Westchester Community College the farm offers a continuing education program in sustainable vegetable production.

For questions or more information about our programs, reach out to:

Jo Moore, Education Programs Manager

Direct: 914-862-5021