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Scout Groups

We would love to be a part of your Scouts’ adventure!

We offer education on a unique mix of topics including: organic farming, animal care, using resources wisely, taking care of your world, healthy living, and cooking. Meet the animals we raise here and learn about their role on the farm. Learn about the seasonal variety of vegetables we grow and the eggs our hens lay. See what it means to be an organic farm. Get a look into modern greenhouse farming. Learn about the benefits of community supported agriculture (CSA). This trip will include discussion of healthy practices for growing food on an organic farm. Girl Scout "Sow What" Journey visits, Eagle Scout, and Gold Award Projects are all welcome.

1 hr Tour:
Cub Scouts & Brownie's
$10/scout, $100 minimum

90 min Program:
Junior Scouts & Up
$15/scout, $150 minimum

Please contact us if you have any questions at

If you are ready to request a visit complete our Farm Visit Request Form


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