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What We Do

Farming Practices

Our Farming Practices

Hilltop Hanover Farm uses sustainable methods  that:

  • Promote biodiversity and thriving ecosystems
  • Provide local, fresh, nutritious and organic food 
  • Protect our environment for future generations

Some of our sustainable practices:

  • We grow a variety of diverse crops including heritage varieties
  • We use farming techniques such as crop rotation, contour tillage, and pasture-based livestock rotation that protect the soil
  • We use humane and responsible livestock practices including promoting heritage breed
  • We do not use toxic chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMO seeds
  • We do not use tilling practices that erode the soil, or negatively impact water quality 
  • We do not use dangerous practices like use of  antibiotics or growth hormones for our livestock

The value of a local and sustainable farm:

  • Convenient access to fresh, nutritious, locally produced food
  • The land is protected and preserved as open space
  • Eating local means more money stays within your community and supports the local economy
  • Provides employment opportunities for local residents