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Project name: “Evaluating Hilltop Hanover Farm’s Onsite Biodiversity and Native Seed Collection Capacity”

Proposal due date: June 24, 2022

Project Description   

The Friends of Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center (FHHFEC) seek a consultant to conduct an assessment of Hilltop Hanover Farm’s natural resources as they relate to biodiversity and collection of native seeds to be used in our plant production program.  The deliverables also include a report and set of recommendations on:

  1. How best to manage and expand our most important biodiverse communities?
  2. How to manage and utilize our wild seed to stock our growing operation?
  3. Which species are best to suited to our program objectives and will flourish in founder plots?
  4. Which plant species are most needed to increase local biodiversity?
  5. How best to incorporate the results of the study in our education programming?


Mission.  FHHFEC is dedicated to the development and advancement of sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, community education, and accessible food systems for all. 

History of Farm.  In 2003, Westchester County purchased 187 acres of the 400-year old Hanover Farm to stem the tide of rapidly vanishing suburban farmland, protect the Croton watershed and preserve homesteading history. Of the 187 acres, more than 130 acres are designated as County parkland; the remaining 53 acres remain a working farm. In 2010, FHHFEC was incorporated as a 501(c)3 to help the County achieve its vision for an agricultural and environmental resource center for residents and professionals, providing educational programming as well as access to green space. 

Programming.  FHHFEC operates the farm and environmental center, producing organically grown vegetables and herbs for sale and donation, propagating native plants to help sustain and restore local biodiversity, and educating children and adults of all ages. Many programs are offered free of charge to engage the community in place-based activities that provide on farm learning while having fun.

Scope of Work and Required Deliverables

  1. Consultant will conduct site visits to conduct and develop the assessment 
  2. Based on the collected data, the consultant will produce a final report that includes a description of findings and the recommendations detailed above. All raw data will be provided to Farm in either shapefiles and/or spreadsheets.
  3. Present findings in a public presentation either in-person or virtual 

Activation and Timeline 

Jessica Schuler, Farm Director will make herself available to answer any questions prior to submission.  Please email her to schedule a call. Proposals are required on or before June 24, 2022.

Meetings and site visits will be scheduled after the signed contract

Submission Requirements

  1. Qualifications of provider
  2. Budget for proposal not to exceed $6,000
  3. Description of methodology
  4. Project timeline
  5. Bios of project team
  6. Three references
  7. Proposal not to exceed three pages

Proposal Submission

Proposals should be sent by email to Jessica Schuler at