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Farm History

Farm History

In the late 1780’s, Abraham Underhill established his family farm on 445 acres which was known for raising quality cattle and horses.  The Underhill's farmed the property for over 125 years. Philip Berolzheimer, President of the Eagle Pencil Company of NYC, purchased the farm in 1911 and renamed it Charhelen after his children, Charles and Helen.

In the 1940's Henry and Molly McMahon Christal owned the farm, and named it Hanover Hill Farm where they raised prize winning Guernsey cows and Morgan horses.  After 30 years the Christal dairy operation shut down and the herd was sold.  A group of investors purchased the farm in 1977 for the purpose of breeding high quality Holstein cows.  By 1991 the breeding program for Hilltop Hanover Holsteins ceased and the entire  herd of 123 cattle were sold at auction.

In 2003, 187 acres of the original farm was purchased by Westchester County for watershed protection and agricultural education.  In 2010, the Friends of Hilltop Hanover Farm formed and manages the farm, develops all programming and organizes events. To learn more about the Friends group and how you can help or become involved, click here.