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Meet Our Team

About the Farm

Meet Our Team

Hilltop Staff

Board of Directors

  • Janet Harckham, President*
  • Gwenyth Jones, Vice-President
  • Asha Bencosme, Treasurer*
  • Bram Gunther, Secretary
  • Lou Ambrogio
  • Kathryn Dysart*
  • Melissa Kohl*
  • Daniel Kortick*
  • David Kvinge**
  • Jeanne Lapsker
  • Lenny Rodriguez
  • Lisa Rodriguez
  • Jessica Schuler**

*Thank you to our Sustainer's Circle of Donors!

**Westchester County ex officio

Thank you to our Sustainer's Circle of Donors!

  • Kathi and Peter Arnow
  • Elyse Arnow Brill and Joshua Arnow
  • Michaelene Durst
  • Olivia and John Farr
  • Lisa and Bill Glenn
  • Martha and Richard Handler
  • Kelly Fowler Hunter and Andre Hunter
  • Victoria F. Morris
  • Michael Minard and Phyllis Ross
  • Nisa Geller and Jeff Tannenbaum
  • Douglas Dill
  • Kimberly Holzmann-Krolick
  • Nancy and Jon Bauer
Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center