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Food Security


Food Security

Food Donation Program

Hilltop Hanover's Food Donation Program partners with local food pantries, food banks, and community centers throughout Westchester County & beyond to provide fresh, nutritious, locally grown food to families and individuals in need. 

A minimum 10% of Hilltop grown produce is donated each year, however, we are excited to say it is often much more! A total of 24% of our produce was donated in 2022! 

In addition to these donations, we also host gleaning events when the fields are abundant. Gleaning entails harvesting produce directly and solely for donation to our community partners: this food often makes its way to a family's pantry within 24 hours of gleaning. 

Second Chance Foods is one of our frequent gleaning partners, who help recover produce before it goes to waste, cook up nutritious meals, and then deliver it to the tables of hungry families. We always look forward to their visits to the farm!  Watch this clip from CBS Mornings and see what the process looks like from to field to veteran. 

Community Partners

"Food Sovereignty means more than ending hunger. It also means building community, ensuring that the people who grow our food are paid a fair wage and protecting the land our food comes from for future generations."  -Amber Tamm Canty

Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center