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Five great reasons to partner with the Friends of Hilltop Hanover Farm & Environmental Center.

  1. We produce, sell and donate healthy food.  Farming using ORGANIC PRINCIPLES nourishes people, creates healthy soil, and feeds visiting animals, birds and insects. 
  2. We help address growing FOOD INSECURITY in our communities.  Food insecurity was measured at 20% within Westchester County pre-pandemic and estimates suggest the percentage doubled in 2020 along with rising inflation, making access to fresh and healthy produce an urgent social justice issue. We donate food through multiple food bank partners, relief organizations, and CSA (community-supported agriculture) donated shares. Additionally, hundreds of vegetable seedlings are donated throughout the season to those in need to further support pro-active access to fresh produce. In 2023, FHHFEC donated 15,038 pounds of produce valued at over $68,700.
  3. We are a living example of how to manage land to combat CLIMATE CHANGE Our systemic management of soil, water, crops, animals and built environments sequesters carbon, reduces emissions, promotes biodiversity, and protects healthy woods and watershed. 
  4. We use the farm to EDUCATE children and adults.  A wide variety of classes for school children, adult learners and volunteers demonstrate all aspects of a sustainable future through hands-on experiences that have lasting impact.
  5. We welcome all visitors with OPEN ACCESS to our fields and woods.  Free of charge, everyone can reap the myriad benefits of the great outdoors. 


The Friends of Hilltop Hanover Farm gratefully acknowledge and appreciate our 2022 corporate partnerships.

For information about becoming a Corporate Sponsor, contact

Thank you to our Sustainer's Circle of Donors!

  • Kathi and Peter Arnow
  • Elyse Arnow Brill and Joshua Arnow
  • Michaelene Durst
  • Olivia and John Farr
  • Lisa and Bill Glenn
  • Martha and Richard Handler
  • Kelly Fowler Hunter and Andre Hunter
  • Victoria F. Morris
  • Harley and Robert Raiff
  • Michael Minard and Phyllis Ross
  • Sara and Axel Schupf
  • Nisa Geller and Jeff Tannenbaum
  • Susan and Martin Wayne
  • Douglas Dill
  • Kimberly Holzmann-Krolick
  • Nancy and Jon Bauer
Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center