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Regeneron employees visited the farm twice to volunteer during their week-long Day for Doing Good initiative.

On 10/21, a group of Regeneron volunteers joined us in cleaning up over 2,000 ft of field beds and gleaning the last of those crops; with the 89 lbs of gleaned produce, they created 27 boxes of food kits to serve as the base of a nutritious meal, which was sent to First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown Food Pantry that same afternoon.

On 10/27, a different group of Regeneron employees tackled a huge native seed harvest from five different varieties of native plants, working over 1.3 acres for 2 hours. Then, they helped clean over 5 lbs of teeny tiny native Iris versicolor seeds, which involves cracking open a seed pod and separating the actual seed from the chaff, or refuse inside the pod.

Thank you, Regeneron! 

Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center