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Twelve Thousand Pounds of Food Donated!

Hilltop Hanover Farm has donated over 12,000 lbs of produce this year, and it has been a humbling honor to know that the produce we care so much about goes on to feed our neighbors. We could not have taken that final step, and placed this food with families and on tables, without the help of our many pantry partners and volunteers. 

We would like to thank:

As the growing season winds down, we are taking time to reflect on how we might continue to support our community‚Äôs access to the local food system. 

Does that take the form of providing more culturally significant vegetables for your community? Does it mean exploring other avenues of transporting this food? Is the storage of this produce at the food pantries difficult, or the novelty and unfamiliarity with certain vegetables an issue for patrons? What other ideas are out there just waiting to be realized?

We are all links in the fight for food security, and to that end we are looking forward to reinforcing and reinvigorating our relationships for the new year!

Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center