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Introducing the Local 59 Plant Network!

Hilltop Hanover Farm is part of a new and growing group called the Local 59 Plant Network.  We are focused on collecting and producing seed and plants from local native plant population from ecoregion 59 (northeastern coastal zone) which is where we are located.  Plants with provenance from your ecoregion are known as ecotypic plants.  We are working together as a collective to figure out supply chain issues, find out where the gaps are, and find ways to improve the quantity, quality, and accessibility to ecotypic native plants in our region.  

The group consists of seed collectors, seed producers, native plant experts, plant producers, nursery owners, and restoration and landscaping professionals.  The Local 59 Plant Network is focused on the needs of Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT primarily and serves as a hub in the larger Northeast Seed Network.  Protecting and increasing the availability of ecotypic plants helps to preserve the genetics of the plant populations in our region and serves as a means of disaster preparedness and conservation.  

In early December, Hilltop hosted a well attended "Local 59 Plant Network Open House" where we toured and showcased our operations and  connected with other professionals who are eager to team up and join this growing network.  Together this group is making strides in improving the native plant supply chain in our region and is just getting started.

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